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White Papers prepared for the Conference

Each thematic working group prepared a White Paper on its topic, including policy recommendations. These White Papers have been subject to extensive reviewing and to two global on-line consultations from 22/05 to 30/06/2009 (Version 1) and from 16/08 to 31/10/2009 (Version 2) and have been presented and discussed at the Conference. Based on the discussions and the comments received, the White Papers are now in final revision. On this page you can download the current versions and executive summaries. In addition, a Synthesis paper, highlighting the most important scientific conclusions and policy recommendations from all three working groups is available.

Working groupDocumentVersion
Group 1 Summary, 417 Kb Issued 17 September
Group 1 White Paper, 1893 Kb Version 2
Group 2 Summary, 150 KbIssued 22 September
Group 2 White Paper, 1141 KbVersion 2
Group 3 White Paper, 2285 Kb Final Version 7 Apr 2010
Synthesis, 288 Kb Updated 21 June 2010

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